Institutional IAB membership

Institutional membership 1
Institutional membership 1

Institution from high-income countries

Institutional membership 2
Institutional membership 2

Institution from higher middle income countries

Institutional membership 3
Institutional membership 3

Institution from lower-middle-income countries

Institutional Membership 4
Institutional Membership 4

Institution from low-income countries


  • Exclusive access to other IAB institutional members in terms of network connections and activities.
  • Benefits from IAB brokering when seeking new initiative partners or new collaborators, including introductions to existing networks and/or key members.
  • Opportunity to attach IAB branding to local events or activities (subject to IAB Board approval).
  • Access to IAB secretariat services for publicity on IAB website and social media of local events and activities (subject to IAB Board approval)
  • Access to the IAB Newsletter ‘IABulletin’ to advertise news related to institutional initiatives and job opportunities (subject to IAB editorial approval), as well as showcasing achievements (publications, grants) of individuals who are members of the institution
  • Priority in selection processes for hosting paid Pre-Congress symposia or workshops at IAB Congresses.
  • Advance notice and right of first refusal regarding sponsorship opportunities for IAB activities
  • Free (or reduced cost participation) in hosting a stand at IAB Congresses
  • Logo presence and linkage to own site via dedicated page on IAB website.

Eligibility and cost

  • Any organization can apply. If not affiliated with a university or an established organization, the IAB Board will discuss eligibility on a case-by-case basis.
  • Price of institutional membership:
Low income – click here 50  USD
Lower middle income – click here 150 USD
Higher middle income – click here 400 USD
High income – click here 600 USD
  • Income categories are based on the World Bank definitions.
  • Any institution that applies can request a discount by providing justification for the request and the Board will consider on case-by-case basis.
  • The institutional membership is valid for two years.